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The entire printed version of this book is available on the accompanying CD. The text is presented in such a way that the reader can interact with the calculations and experiment with the models and methods.

Solving Differential equations using Mathematica

Also contained on the CD is a package called MathLie-in honor of Sophus Liecarrying out the calculations automatically. The study of symmetries of differential equations is an old subject. Thanks to Sophus Lie we today have available to us important information on the behavior of differential equations.

Symmetries can be used to find exact solutions.

Time Series and Stochastic Differential Equations

Symmetries can be applied to verify and to develop numerical schemes. They can provide conservation laws for differential equations. The presentation of Lie's theory in connection with Mathematica is novel and vitalizes an old theory. The extensive symbolic calculations necessary under Lie's theory are supported by MathLie, a package written in Mathematica.

Demonstratio Mathematica

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The author shows how to use Mathematica to quickly perform computations that would be both time consuming and cumbersome if done by hand Includes a CD-ROM containing Mathematica 3. Buy eBook. It makes the code harder to read and modify.

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