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Hypnosis is another damp ground that I have never had clear in mind. Yoga, Ostheopaty, Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture are methods that seems to work more or less, if the professional is competent. I don't believe this was to heal diseases so grave as multiple sclerosis, but I have found relief of pain in headaches and low back pain from undetermined origin.

I recognize also, religion is a comfort for the believer and even there are cases of complete healing although very rare. Summing up I don't confide very much in this methods, but if one has yet many years of practice as physician one has to concede sometimes there are things unexplainable according official medicine, with the mental reserve that these are prone to work also in illnesses that contains a big amount of dark origin as some epilepsies or convulsive crisis, headaches and so on. Perhaps the future science and physiology teach us some more about the truth of this methods.

The book is worth and makes not proselytism of any of these procedures.

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A professional must have, if not an impossible knowledge, common sense enough to decide. August 25, - Published on Amazon. In allopathic medicine there has been an increasing interest in integrative and alternative medical practices driven in large part by the interest of our patients. In short, the patients want it.

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It can be easy to quickly dismiss their enthusiasm for naturopathic approaches but a wise physician might look for a way to incorporate alternative medicine in their practice. This volume provides a basis to do so. It thoroughly reviews a broad spectrum of approaches not found in traditional medical training, and provides an honest and evidence-based evaluation of each. It will help, particularly the neurologist, to discern when to incorporate herbalism, accupuncture or chiropracty into your standard of care and when to caution patients who maybe considering such practices in lieu of appropriate medical care.

Evaluation of a yoga based regimen for treatment of osteoarthritis of the hands. Eric M.

Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Neurology

Improvement in hand grip strength in normal volunteers and rheumatoid arthritis patients following yoga training. Manoj Kumar Dash , Shirley Telles. Yoga as a preventive health care program for white and black elders: an exploratory study. Deborah A. Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation.

Richard J. Randomized trial of yoga and exercise in multiple sclerosis: improvement in fatigue but not cognitive function compared to control group. Therapeutic potential of yoga in modifying cardiovascular risk profile in middle aged men and women. Can diet in conjunction with stress reduction affect the rate of increase in prostate specific antigen after biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer?

Gordon A. There are audio files with progressive muscle relaxation, for example. We recently developed a research app based on progressive muscle relaxation. For example, butterbur preparations need to be free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids to ensure safety, given the associated risk for liver toxicity, and high-velocity cervical maneuvers in chiropractic manipulation have a risk for vertebral or carotid artery dissection.

It is also important for providers to ask their patients about use of integrative treatment options, and for patients to discuss their use with their providers. Many of these treatments may be integrated into conventional treatment approaches as complementary vs alternative to traditional pharmacologic approaches. Clinical Pain Advisor: What are remaining needs in this area in terms of research?

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Dr Minen: We are still trying to learn more about these modalities, about the optimal duration and frequency of these behavioral techniques. We need to find ways to make the evidence-based treatments accessible to patients because we know that they are safe and effective with long-term enduring benefits.

Dr Wells: Much of the research in this area has methodologic challenges that limit interpretation, so more studies and funding for integrative treatment options for migraine are critical to better understand the benefits, mechanisms of actions, risks, and which patients are most likely to respond to which modalities.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. June 22, Accessed on March 18, The prevalence and burden of migraine and severe headache in the United States: updated statistics from government health surveillance studies. Complementary and integrative medicine for episodic migraine: an update of evidence from the last 3 years.

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